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Combination trip with Japaneses

Wild Nordic Nature arrange many kind of trips in the nature for Finnish and for Foreign people. This was the combination trip for the Japanese on 14.-19.8.2017.  During these days we saw lakes, forests, islands, Baltic Sea and the dunes. We also explored different kind of activities like kayaking, camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, foraging blueberries, mushroom hunting, fat biking, wild herb infusion, nordic walking, bird watching,  walking in the sea and of course Finnish Sauna.

We all enjoyed our days a lot in Finnish nature. Nature is beautiful, clean, silence and definitely not crowded.

We stared our trip by kayaking lesson.

During our trip we camped two nights in the island of wilderness lake. 

Fishing was good meditation and relaxing ( if you got a fish).

And yes, we got some fishes and learned how the clean them and make ready for cooking.

Please not the fishes are also there in the rightDuring the trip we cooked typical Finnish delicacies. For dessert we had bread cheese ( in a pan) with could berry jam.  We also made pan cakes with fresh blueberries and tasted smoked white fish, salmon, herrings, pea soup, reindeer soup, meat of moose, lindström´s beef, salmon soup, carelian pies, finnish black bread, salmiakki etc..

Foraging (picking) blueberries for the pancakes. Finnish everyman`s rights gives license to forage berries and mushrooms also from the privat forests.

It was also interesting to see autiotupa.  Free cottages for hikers to use if there are space. But reservations are not possible.

Outdoor cooking with the wild forest mushrooms for the lunch. They said they never have had before wild mushrooms for the main course.

We kayaked around the lake and saw many kind of birds; osprey (kalasääski), black woodpecker ( palokärki), whooper swan (laulajoutsen), loons (kuikka), common buzzards (hiirihaukka).

We were very happy and pround of our mushrooms we found. We found sheep polypores ( lampaankääpä), yellow chantarelles (kanttarelli), tooth fungus (orakkaita).

On other type of forest we found ceps, porcinis, herkkutatteja during our fatbiking.

Also we get to know the wild herbs. Now it is the season of the flowers of the callunas.

We did overnight trip with fatbikes in the esker (hiekkaharju)  type of the forest. Its guite easy to bike that kind of forest by fatbikes.

Our camping place next to small and calm lake.

Last day we visited seaside and Yyteri dunes. There were also possible to explore nordic walking in typical finnish way.

We also had some fun and grazy activity. Walking to the island in an under water rief and have a snack time there. Small rain didn´t bother us at all.

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